Terms and Conditions

In the following terms and conditions, “We” refers to the website owners and “You” refers to the Users who are reading these terms and conditions.

Here are the Submission Guidelines

Please note that we are human and we will determine if your submissions follows our guidelines. We have the right to remove your Entry if you do not comply, or continue to comply with any of the following details.

>Entries must be in English

>Your website’s main purpose must not be an affiliate (may be about 30% affiliate)

>You must have content – at least 3 Pages and 10 Blog Posts

>Your content must be jigsaw puzzle related

>There must be contact information visible

>Your Free Listings must put a visible link on your website – please add that to your entry. The Page on your website where our link will reside must be searchable by Google. It should be on a Page with less than 10 external links. The Page should not be a sub-Domain page and IF you change the link you will notify us so we may update our records.

Use of Website
You have permission to use this website provided you comply with these Terms and Conditions which also includes complying with all applicable laws, codes and regulations of Canada or other countries from where you are using this website.

You must agree that you will not:

>post, transmit or upload any information to this website that may be harmful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise illegal
>cause any infringements of rights on any others
>use any software or devices that may electronically or manually interfere with the operation of this website

>attempt uploading files containing corrupt data or viruses
>attempt to change the front end appearance of this website and/or code
>remain within the upload limits
>attempt to get access to any data that is confidential

We continuously monitor this website so  we expect that you will not breach any of these Terms and Conditions.

The Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for any losses, damages or anything else that may arise as a result of your access to this website.

Warranty Disclaimer 

It should be noted that all information, graphics, content and otherwise provided by the Users and /or the User’s associates have absolutely no warranties by us.  Please utilize it at your own discretion.