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All new members are manually approved for Safety

All new Entries are manually approved for Safety


Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here but if you don’t then please contact us so we may get your request onto the website. Also note: ALL entries are reviewed by humans to ensure safety and security of all uploaded information.

There are 18 different categories to search for most things ‘jigsaw puzzle’ related or to add your Entry into. The following gives you a brief description but you must also see the Terms and Conditions  page for important reasons why your submissions are not approved. 

>Artists – may add their profiles and images of artwork that has been produced into the jigsaw puzzle format

>Blog – Bloggers may add their Blog Homepage link and social media links

>Books – jigsaw puzzle books may be entered with a purchase link and/or homepage by Author 

>Cartoons – jigsaw puzzle related cartoons and/or Cartoonist page link may be entered

>Classifieds  Ads – jigsaw puzzles and/or related items entered (Be extremely careful at all times with online purchasing) 

>Companies – companies may share profiles, social medias and sales/promotions

>Coupons/Sales – companies or others may enter coupons/sales/promotions currently active

>Events – enter events that are current

>Facebook – enter jigsaw puzzle Groups, Pages or Events with Facebook link

>Jigsaw Puzzle Stores – Classified ADs specifically for jigsaw puzzle stores only (Brick and Mortar stores)

>Jigsaw Puzzle Stores Online – Classified ADs specifically for jigsaw puzzle ‘online stores’ only

>Online Digital Puzzles – enter online jigsaw puzzle platforms only

>Pinterest – enter Pinterest Page for jigsaw puzzle related items

>Puzzlers – for individuals who want to join the community and share puzzle reviews (2 images and 400 words)

>Reviews – for individuals who review any Artist, Book, Company or Events (2 images and 400 words)

>TickTock – share jigsaw puzzle related short videos 

>Twitter – share twitter links that are 90% jigsaw puzzle related

>Youtube – share jigsaw puzzle related videos


Here are the steps to Add your Entry

  1. Click on the red Sign Up button in the upper right corner
  2. Register a User Name and your email address
  3. A Site Administrator will approve your registration 
  4. You will receive an email for further instructions
  5. Log into your new membership account
  6. Click on ‘Add Entry’
  7. Fill in all your specific Fields that apply to your Entry
  8. Click submit
  9. We will approve your entry in a timely manner
  10. You will receive an email upon approval