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How to count the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle?

There really is only one answer. The only way on  how to count puzzles pieces is to physically doing the jigsaw puzzle yourself.  That will accomplish 2 things. One, you get an accurate count and 2, you will know IF there are any missing pieces.

How to Glue a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Here’s 7 steps to glue your jigsaw puzzle but we also suggest you watch this video

  1. Layout the parchment/wax paper with extra room around the edges.
  2. Use the rolling pin on the front and back to flatten the pieces and be sure all the pieces are tight.
  3. Follow the instructions on the bottle of Glue either using a paintbrush or foam brush. Ideally you want a nice clean coating over the puzzle being mindful of the cracks in between. (The following video shows how to spread the glue in a sweeping motion over the entire puzzle.)
  4. Follow the ‘drying’ time instructed on the bottle of glue before moving the puzzle (usually about 2 hours). Glue one side first, wait until it is entirely dry before gluing other side.
  5. Cut the back mounting cardboard to fit the puzzle size (if you are framing) and proceed to glue the puzzle to it. If too much glue is used the puzzle may curl when dry – a frame would correct that situation.
  6. Wait at least 24 hours before installing the puzzle into your choice of frame.
  7. When choosing a frame be sure to allow about an inch larger than the boarder of your puzzle – often puzzles have a thickness so the extra space leaves some room for forgiveness when sealing it into the frame.

How to frame a puzzle without glue?

Try to find second-hand frames from Thrift stores and paint them with colours that blend nicely with the puzzle colours.

Try the ‘No-Glue’ Method onto poster-foam boards.

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