Eurographics Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Eurographics Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles are always a lot of fun to do. I picked Sweet Christmas for my puzzle review. That is to say, that it was a perfect seasonal image. Eurographics even includes a recipe for the gingerbread house. It can be found on the back of the puzzle box.

Title: Sweet Christmas

Sweet Christmas Brand: Eurographics

Title: Sweet Christmas

Size: 19.25″  x  27″

Pieces: 1000

I started with a few of the main items as the Gingerbread House, Candy Canes, Donuts, and pink cookies. To see more photos and read my review click here

Title: Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories Brand: Eurographics

Title: Christmas Stories

Artist: Paul Normand

Size: 19.25″  x  27″ Extra Large pieces

Pieces: 300

The second I saw this image  I fell in love with it therefore, I HAD to have it in my Christmas collection. The Artist has combined many Christmas stories into one magical image. Click here to see more images and read my review.

Title: Ready for Christmas

Ready for Christmas Brand: Eurographics

Title: Ready for Christmas

Artist: Steve Crisp

Size: 19.25″  x  27″

Pieces: 1000

The snow along the bottom and the dark sky across the top were a little tricky. Consequently, I picked this puzzle for review. To see more photos and to continue reading click here

My Customer Experience

I bought the 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle  Eurographics World Map for the World Puzzle Days 2015 Event only to discover the poor level of quality the jigsaw puzzle pieces turned out to be.

Unfortunately for me, I bought a badly cut puzzle which had been very disappointing. The pieces of the puzzles have a rough cut on the edges, are very loose-fitting, and tend to bulk in some areas.

I made contact with Eurographics to inform them of the condition the cutting factory had produced.

Results from Eurographics

I sent an email to Customer Service in Canada, and here is a portion of the reply email I received…

“…….It looks like the puzzle you are assembling was cut with a die that is becoming too dull and quality control should have noticed and exchanged it.

The ridge on the back of the puzzle pieces is there by design. Our puzzles are cut on a plastic plate in contrast to steel or other plates which causes the ridge on the back. The result is that pieces that you had assembled stay better together and they are easier to move around. As a cutting die gets duller the ridge might get bigger and more frazzled…..”

Upon receiving that email, they also said “…..will apply a special discount for your next order.” 

As a result, I was still too nervous to buy another one of their puzzles…Therefore, I replied to another explaining how I was hearing good and bad reviews about their puzzles in the Facebook Groups. Half had good results and half bad results. Above all, that did not sit well with me.  I told them it was unfortunate because they do have some excellent images.

However, they made yet another attempt via email…… “Can you send me your address and I will try to convince you otherwiseEurographics

Eurographics had made a very generous offer.  As a result, I received 3 jigsaw puzzles and a nice jigsaw puzzle shopping bag.


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