Artist’s Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

As part of the Christmas in July, we thought we would feature Artist’s Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles. There are a lot of beautiful puzzles that have been created by artists. Here are three that I have had the pleasure of putting together.

Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Brand: Springbok Puzzles

Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Artist: Lynn Bywaters

Pieces:1000 pieces

Size: 24″ x 30″

This puzzle reminded me of my childhood days.

Lynn Bywaters brought this song to life with her gorgeous artwork.

Take a look at her website.

You can see that she has produced over 200 puzzle images. This was truly a memorable experience.

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Title: Christmas Train

Christmas Train Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

Title: Christmas Train jigsaw puzzle

Artist: Ingrid Slyder 

Pieces: 350 pieces

Size: 26.6×19.25

Also, you can see some of the cute Christmas details that the artist has included in the image.

The artwork by Ingrid Slyder is clear, colorful, and crisp making it very attractive.

Super well-done job on the Christmas Train jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company.

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Title: Santa’s Toy Shop

Santa's Toy Shop


Brand: FX Schmid

Title: Santa’s Toy Shop

Artist:  Simon Treadwell

Size: 27.5 x 20″ (70x50cm)

Pieces: 1000 pieces

I love an image that shares the twinkle of Christmas. Clearly, this one has captured that essence.

The artwork by Simon Treadwell is very colorful and traditional making it totally attractive.

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Artist’s Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles are available through puzzles brands. Springbok, Cobble Hill, and FX Schmid are three puzzle companies that offer artist’s designs.

There is still time to add your puzzle to the Christmas in July Event. Click here for more details!

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